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Our Mission

The mission of the University of Delaware Cybersecurity Initiative (UD CSI) is to establish UD as a center of excellence in cyber security that encompasses research, education, workforce training and development, and promotes partnerships among the government, private and academic communities. UD CSI has a strategic focus to serve as the cyber security hub for corporate America.

Recognizing the constant and ever­-evolving threats to our nation’s corporate community, the University of Delaware Cybersecurity Initiative is designed to address two significant challenges.

First, UD CSI will produce unbiased research, best practices and standard protocols for optimal security so that every type and size of business can protect itself.

Second, UD CSI will dramatically expand the pipeline of skilled cybersecurity workers that our nation needs now and in the future.

UD CSI is developing programs through relationships with the U.S. Army, the Delaware National Guard, JPMorgan Chase, MITRE Corporation, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Raytheon, DuPont, GE, IBM, The Chertoff Group, Battelle Memorial Institute, Delaware State University, Delaware Technical Community College and others.

UD is the ideal location for a cybersecurity hub. Located halfway between New York City and Washington, DC, the University can help make the essential connections between the corporate community and the military and intelligence community. Also, Delaware is the legal home of more than 1 million corporations and a highly regarded court system, so legal questions in the evolving field of corporate cybersecurity will be adjudicated in Delaware. Finally, UD already has the expertise in computer engineering, computer science, corporate law and public policy.